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Film Hit – Daily BO Updates

Film hit is about the movies that makes profit for producers & distributors. Movies that earn more than production cost and marketing costs are considered as hit, movies that earn more than double the investment are called Super Hit, Triple time more than the investments are Blockbusters.

Generally Producer sells the movie to distributors like Yash Raj films, Eros etc for distribution. They make their profit with overflow and commission.

Box Office Collections

Film hit is a website dedicated to providing box office collection reports on Bollywood films. Our ardent followers love to know every minute detail about their favourite stars and movies. We provide them with the latest information in our Daily BO Update section, thereby keeping them on the toes.

Adivi Sesh is all set to don the hat of a cop in his upcoming movie HIT 2, which was released on December 2. The movie is directed by Sailesh Kolanu and revolves around the hunt for a serial killer in Vishakhapatnam.

It is a suspense thriller. The movie is the remake of Telugu film HIT: The First Case. It also features Rao Ramesh and Posani Krishna Murali in supporting roles. The movie is expected to make good business in the domestic market.


The movie is a good entertainer and it will definitely do well at the box office. It is a super-hit and it will give double the returns for the investors. It is a blockbuster and it will give almost triple the returns for the investors. It is releasing on 3000 screens worldwide. So it will easily cross the 50 crore mark. The film is getting positive reviews from the critics and audiences. It is a good crime drama. It is not a typical Bollywood movie but it will work at the box office. It has a huge cliffhanger at the end and it will surely be a franchise.


Hit is a typical crime thriller with a psychopath on the loose and a cop determined to catch him. The film has enough twists to keep you engrossed, but the pacing is slow and the story seems stuck after a point. Also, the unnecessary songs take away from the thrill of the story. The film is a solid first effort, but it could have been better if it had been shorter and songless.

Natural Star Nani’s maiden production Awe did well at the box office, and he’s followed it up with another thriller in HIT. The film stars Rajkummar Rao as a homicide investigation officer who is on the hunt for a kidnapper after his girlfriend disappears without leaving any clues behind. The movie has a good screenplay and some decent performances, but it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre.

Cast & Crew

A film’s cast is the collection of actors and actresses who appear in a movie. The term “cast” can also refer to a film’s director or other person with a prominent role. A movie’s crew is the group of people involved in its physical construction outside cast participation, including directors, producers, editors, grips, gaffers, lighting designers, prop masters, and costumers.

Rajkummar Rao does his best to eke out some resemblance of an engaging thriller, but Sanya Malhotra is saddled with a walk-on part. The rest of the cast plays types rather than rounded characters. Despite some intriguing layers, the plot eventually falls into familiar territory. A routine rigmarole and a contrived final reveal make the Hindi remake of the 2020 Telugu hit a dull and largely pointless affair.

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