The Lasting Legacy of the U Film Society

U Film Society

In the early ’50s, University Film Society director Al Milgrom could be seen furiously marching around Dinkytown and environs stapling movie flyers. He believed in the power of cinema to challenge and enrich.

Today, u film society is the only surviving campus film society. Its Executive Board, led by rising fourth-year Nora Gonzalez, presides over an organization with a proudly peculiar history.


The u film society hosts free movie screenings on campus throughout the year, often paired with brief discussions from Screen Studies faculty and students. Additionally, the club produces a student film festival each spring to showcase the work of our members.

Film societies are membership-based clubs that aim to educate their audience about cinema. They often host screenings of films that would not normally be shown in mainstream cinemas. These organisations usually produce hand-programmes, brochures, schedules and information sheets to support their films. They may also publish reprints of articles from film journals to promote the films they show.

There are many different types of film societies around the world. Some are part of larger networks (such as the Federation Francaise des Cine-Clubs), while others are independent and locally run. Some are specialised in certain genres of film, such as the art house cinema movement. Other groups focus on specific directors or films. These organisations are typically organised into federations, councils and collectives.


The society produces events throughout the year to help educate students and the community about different audiovisual works. These are typically organized around film screenings and can involve introductions, discussions and prize giveaways. They also create hand-programmes, brochures, schedules and information sheets to support their exhibitions.

The organization aims to foster interest and innovation in the art of filmmaking by providing a creative environment for Union students. They hold contests for students to submit films and give awards for best writing, acting and production.

Aside from funding, the society relies on patrons of all ages in Hyde Park and beyond to keep it afloat. They provide money by purchasing tickets, concessions and memberships to the society, as well as donating funds and supplies. Volunteers often share stories about how Doc Films has impacted their lives and careers, such as one former co-publicity chair who credits the group for kickstarting his filmmaking career. Other alumni have told similar stories, including that of documentary producer Gordon Quinn.


A film society is a club that shows films which are not generally available in commercial cinemas. Film societies are usually open to the general public for a fee. Typically, members attend film screenings at a regular time each week and have the opportunity to discuss the films afterwards.

Membership benefits include front row seating for films shown at CAT This Week, year-round ticket discounts, priority access to special screenings and events and invites to exclusive special events and salons with fellow movie lovers and guests including local celebrities and industry professionals. Additionally, members support their local community art house, which cannot rely solely on ticket sales to cover overhead costs.

Since its founding in 1956, the International Film Series has presented an impressive array of countries, cinematic styles, directorial methods, genres and points of view, and has introduced many Eau Claire residents to the world of foreign film. The University Centers’ International Film Committee selects films to be shown on the campus program each semester.


If you are a current student and interested in film, UFS is for you! Join us for screenings, discussions of films and Hollywood/indie speaker events.

UFS provides opportunities for students to explore a wide variety of international films, cinematic styles, director methods and genres. By exploring diverse cultural perspectives, we hope to foster understanding of other cultures and instill a lifelong love for cinema.

Become part of our year-round volunteer team, CINE SQUAD! Cine Squad members promote individual films, film festivals and special screenings by distributing flyers, calendars and other outreach materials around campus. Additionally, they can be found at screenings and MSPIFF working the Film Society table, handing out material specific to the film being shown, membership forms and answering questions.

Volunteering for 24 hours or more earns you a free pass during our in person festival September 14-17th as well as advance reservation for Points North Pitch Virtual. To apply for a volunteer badge, log in to Eventival and click on Accreditation.

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